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Dear Colleagues, Many thanks to the Conference Management Committee of the United Research Forum for the opportunity of welcoming and addressing you. International E-Conference on Advanced Material Science and Graphene Nanotechnology will be held on November 25-26,2020 that covers a wide spectrum of presentations related to “Advance Materials science for Innovations in technology ”. It will feature internationally renowned speakers who will share, discuss, and dissect significant new developments and scientific advancements. They will also be sharing insights into cutting edge technologies that will impact the future of clinical trials and related fields.

Conference Scientific Committe

Prof Alexander Soldatov

Prof. Alexander Soldatov Materials Science, Southern Federal university

Conference Speakers

Prof K Venkateswara Rao

Prof. K Venkateswara Rao M.Sc, M.Tech, Ph.D, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad

Dr Seyed Mostafa Hosseinpour Mashkani

Dr. Seyed Mostafa Hosseinpour Mashkani Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney, NSW 200, Australia.

Dr Sunipa Roy

Dr. Sunipa Roy Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, India

Dr Girish M Joshi

Dr. Girish M. Joshi Institute of Chemical Technology, India.

Miss Goretti Arias Ferreiro

Miss. Goretti Arias Ferreiro Universidade da Coruna

Dr Rainer Timm

Dr. Rainer Timm Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Lund University

Dr Nagaraja Suryadevara

Dr. Nagaraja Suryadevara M.Sc., M.Phil ., PGDBI ., PhD., FNSF., School of Biosciences, Faculty of Medicine, Biosciences & Nursing, MAHSA University,

Dr Uddandarao Priyanka

Dr. Uddandarao Priyanka National University of Ireland, Ireland

Miss Carina B Maliakkal

Carina B. Maliakkal Miss. Researcher at Lund University, Sweden.

Dr SelvaRani Subbiah

Dr. SelvaRani Subbiah Thiagarajar College, India

Miss Farzaneh Hajirasouliha

Miss. Farzaneh Hajirasouliha Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering, Northumbria University

Mr Dario Mastrippolito

Mr. Dario Mastrippolito Dept. of Physical and Chemical Sciences, University of L Aquila

Prof Jaynstein

Prof. Jaynstein Professor JAYNSTEIN LLC Arizona

Dr Randy Vander Wal

Dr. Randy Vander Wal Professor, Dept. of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Penn State University

Prof Aleksandr Frolov

Prof. Aleksandr Frolov

Dr V Hariharan

Dr. V. Hariharan Mahendra Arts and Science College, India

Dr VR Gedela

Dr. V.R Gedela Co-founder and CTO of Nanospan India Pvt.Ltd, India

Miss Ngoufack Guimapi Cornesse

Miss. Ngoufack Guimapi Cornesse Department of Physics, University of Dschang, Cameroon

Dr Anil Ramdas Bari

Dr. Anil Ramdas Bari, India

M Maghimaa

Muthayammal College of Arts and Science, Rasipuram, Namakkal DT. Tamilnadu

Mr Laroussi chaabane

Mr. Laroussi chaabane Claude Bernard university

Dr shweta rajawat

Dr. shweta rajawat Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, India

Miss Luz Esther Gonalez Reyes

Miss. Luz Esther Gonalez Reyes, Universidad del valle, Columbia

Miss Sandra Nkiruka Ike

Miss. Sandra Nkiruka Ike The Pennsylvania State University, USA


  • Advanced of Materials
  • Nanotechnology in Medicine and Diagnosis
  • Nanotechnology in Electronics and Energy Production
  • Materials Science and Nanotech in Photonics
  • Graphene and its Extensive Use
  • Graphene 2D Materials
  • Ceramics and Composites
  • Materials Sciences in Spintronics
  • Materials Science in electronics
  • Materiasl Science in Metal Alloys
  • Polymer Science and Applications
  • Material Science usage in Aircraft and Automobile Manufacturing
  • Coating Materials and Nano coating
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Future Applications of Nanotechnologies and Biomaterials
  • Materials Science in Mining
  • Materials Science in Construction and Architecture


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