Dr. Randy Vander Wal

Professor,Dept. of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Penn State University, USA

Randy Vander Wal is a Professor, Energy and Mineral Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Dept. of Energy and Mineral Engineering, Penn State University, His Current research interests include CVD and flame synthesis of carbon nanomaterials, their application as conducting thin films, fundamentals of graphene bonding, carbon graphitization kinetics, carbon material characterization by high-resolution electron microscopy, HRTEM with image quantification for nanostructure, electron spectroscopic techniques, XPS, and EELs for bonding detail, and carbon materials’ oxidation reactivity dependence on nanostructure. The optical, electrical, and thermal properties of graphene and other graphitic carbon forms produced by pulsed laser heating is presently under study, as is the fabrication of advanced carbon-carbon composites based on these. Related study includes biochar