Scientific Sessions

Scientific sessions

Track 01:
Advancement of Materials in various field
Track 02:
Nanotechnology in Medicine and Diagnosis
Track 03:
Nanotechnology in Electronics and Energy Production
Track 04:
Material Science and Nanotech in Photonics
Track 05:
Graphene and its Extensive Use
Track 06:
Graphene 2D Materials
Track 07:
Ceramics and Composites
Track 08:
Material Sciences in Spintronics
Track 09:
Material Science in electronics
Track 10:
Material Science and Chemistry
Track 11:
Material Science in Metal Alloys
Track 12:
Polymer Science and Applications
Track 13:
Material Science usage in Aircraft and Automobile Manufacturing
Track 14:
Coating materials and Nano coating
Track 15:
Magnetic Materials
Track 16:
Future Applications of Nanotechnologies and Biomaterials
Track 17:
Material Science in Mining
Track 18:
Material Science in Construction and Architecture