Scientific Sessions

Track 1

Advanced Structural Materials

Track 2

Batteries, Supercapacitors and Solid Electrolyte Materials

Track 3

Biomaterials Biomedical Devices Biomedical Engineering

Track 4

Coating, Composite and Ceramic Materials

Track 5

Corrosion, Alloys, Mining and Metallurgy

Track 6

Electrochemical Applications

Track 7

Electronics and Photonics

Track 8

Emerging Technologies for Energy Applications

Track 9

Energy Materials Synthesis and Characterization

Track 10

Fuel cells and Biofuels

Track 11

Functional Materials Emerging Smart Materials

Track 12

Graphene Production Applications

Track 13

Hetero-Modulus and Hybrid Materials Properties and Applications

Track 14

Hydrogen Energy

Track 15

Materials Chemistry and Materials Physics

Track 16

Materials Construction

Track 17

Materials Science and Engineering

Track 18

Materials Simulation and Design

Track 19

Nanocatalysis Nanochemistry

Track 20

Nano-Electronics Micro systems

Track 21

Nanomaterials and 2D Materials

Track 22

Nuclear Energy

Track 23

Optoelectronics, Photonics and Magnetic materials

Track 24


Track 25

Photocatalysis and Electrocatalysis

Track 26


Track 27

Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics

Track 28

Polymer Science and Technology

Track 29

Semiconductor Materials and Nanostructures

Track 30

Solar Energy Materials

Track 31

Surface Science and Engineering

Track 32

Sustainable Energy

Track 33

Water Splitting Technology

Track 34

Quantum Physics