# Title of the Talks Page No Download
1 Lanthanide Nanoparticles in Mass Cytometry
Mahnaz Maddahfar
7 Download
2 Progress towards all solid state Lithium Sulphur battery
R Prasada Rao
9 Download
3 Soft dendritic microparticles with unusual adhesion and structuring properties
Simeon D Stoyanov
11 Download
4 2-dimensional Ti3C2 for bistable switching memory application
Poh Choon Ooi
13 Download
5 Developing Inexpensive and Safe High-power Li-ion Cells
Palani Balaya
14 Download
6 A study on colorimetric reaction of cysteine-encapsulated liposome with plasmonic gold nanoparicles for virus detection appliations
Youkyoung Yang
15 Download
7 In Situ Synthesis, Encapsulation in Arabinoxylan and Release Kinetics of Microcrystalline CopperII-Aspirinate
Abdul Haleem Khan
16 Download
8 Nanostructures for Energy and Environmental Applications A Sustainable Approach
Mohammad Ehtisham Khan
17 Download
9 Facile Synthesis of Au-Ag Core-shell Nanoparticles and Dual Application to Colorimetric and SERS Detection of Catecholamine Neurotransmitters
Le Thanh Van
18 Download
10 Multifunctional textiles based on covalently coupled carbonaceous particles with excellent heat dissipation properties
Jagadeshvaran P L
19 Download
11 Grafted Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles as Targeted Drug Delivery Materials Triggered by pH for Cancer Treatment
Windy Ayu Lestari
20 Download
12 Cathode Materials for Na-ion Batteries
Aniruddh Ramesh
21 Download
13 Dual-targeting for Colon Cancer Cells and Tumor-Associated Macrophages by Mannose- modified Methyl--Cyclodextrin as an Antitumor Agent
Yoshitaka OHNO
22 Download
14 Micro level corrosion investigation in electronic devices
Umadevi Rathinavelu
24 Download
15 Ceramic Electrolytes for All Solid-State Na-ion Batteries
Sushmita Dwivedi
25 Download
16 Gene expression analysis of synthesized Cynodon dactylon gold nanoparticles in Colon cancer cell lines
Nagaraja Suryadevara
26 Download
17 Cascading hybrids of 0D2D SnO2 Quantum dotsCdS-CdCO3 decorated with g-C3N4 nanosheets for significantly enhanced photocatalysis under solar light
Jinhyeok Lee
27 Download
18 Treatment of Wilms nephroblastoma cancer cells via EGFR targeting of dactinomycin loaded DNA-nanowires
Baig Mirza Muhammad Faran Ashraf
28 Download
19 Feasibility Study of Cationic Dendrimer-based Polyplex as a Multi-functional Drug for Alzheimers Disease
Masamichi Inoue
29 Download
20 Enhancement in magnetization of two-dimensional Cobalt Telluride and its magnetic field-assisted photocatalytic activity
Solomon Demiss Negedu
30 Download
21 High Conducting Mesoporous SilverCarbon Nanocomposite Electrodes for Hybrid Supercapacitors
31 Download
22 Teaching and Learning aspects of Supramolecular Material Chemistry PCK approach to Identify Alternative Conceptions
32 Download
23 Silver-Enriched Porous Silicon Chip for Sensitive and Quantitative Detection of Dopamine Neurotransmitter in Human Serum as Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Youngju Gwon
33 Download
24 Reducing the cement content of concrete footings with machine learning
Mohammadsadegh Shahrokhishahraki
34 Download
25 Evaluation for Infectivity of Materials - to develop antibacterial, antiviral, and antibiofilm materials
Hideyuki Kanematsu
35 Download
26 The impact of TiO2 photoanode thickness on the performance of dye sensitized solar cells
T Ramesh
36 Download
27 Fabrication and characterization of highly biocompatible silica nanocarriers with pH-responsive and controlled release of naturally-derived Dieckol molecules
Taelin Kim
37 Download
28 Enhanced Performance of Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Flexible Polyurethane Foam
Neda Asgarifar
38 Download
29 Graphene templated growth of copper sulphide flowers can suppress electromagnetic interference
Devansh Sharma
39 Download
30 Photonic dryingannealing Drying effect of WO3 with ovenvisibleinfraredflashlight dryingannealing for electrochromic smart windows
K Mallikarjuna
40 Download
31 Synthesis, Structural and Optical Properties of Cu Substituted ZnO Nanostructures
M Venkanna
41 Download
Joshua Buetey Amesimeku
42 Download
33 Thermo-mechanical and photon shielding properties of advanced epoxy-based nanocomposites
Srilakshmi Prabhu
43 Download
34 Labelled Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Functionalized as Theragnostic Materials for Cancer Treatment
Dyah Ellyawati K.M
44 Download
35 Reduction of Toxic Dyes Using Recyclable Core Shell Nanoparticles Catalyst
Khalida Naseem
45 Download
36 Identification of Solids for True Design and Precise Characterization of Functional Nanomaterials
Bunsho Ohtani
8 Download
37 A Study on the Characteristics of Direct Heating Catalyst Activities Using Induction Heating System
Younghee Jang
10 Download
38 Efficient Delivery of Genome-editing Molecules via Multi-step Transforming Properties of Aminated Polyrotaxanes
12 Download
39 Hydrothermally synthesized BiFeO3 nanoparticles and itsphotocatalytic activity
B. Rajitha
23 Download